Jochieh Huang (Jenny)
Product / Object / Experience & Space

Lonely Profile Lines


Imaginary profile lines illustrate the cut through the solitude and repetitive routine of a daily life in city.

Lonely profile lines is inspired by industrial technical drawing,
the profile shows the cut through view of what’s within an object which is not evident from the appearance.

With lines that forms as similar unit but facing different direction;
it’s an interpretation of solitude within hustle-bustle city life.

This is a collaboration with GUR, all handmade with artisan in Viana do Castelo, Portugal. With this project, we invited the founder Célia Esteves to fabrica, guiding a workshop and sharing with us techniques how each GUR is created.

"寂寞的剖面線"是與葡萄牙手工地毯設計品牌 GUR 的最新合作.


去年十月創辦人Célia曾到Fabrica 與我們分享每個GUR的製作方式、還有怎麼將設計注入到在北葡萄牙地方傳統織品工藝.

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Creative director : Sam Baron / Célia Esteves

Design consultant : Giorgia Zanellato
Photo credit : Matteo Bellomo