Jochieh Huang (Jenny)
Product / Object / Experience & Space

Meanwhile, in the garden

Dossofiorito workshop at Fabrica

Many rituals and traditions use plants to absorb bad karma or emotional stress – in this way humans are somewhat selfish. However, these practices also show that we perceive plants to be stronger than us, more capable of transforming bad energy into good.

以“照顧”為探討主題來設計新的花園用具(gardening tool).

與美國平面設計師(Alexis Gallo) 及西班牙巴斯克產品設計師(Ainhoa Garmendia) 發現, 自古至今許多文明使用植物來淨化或是進行宗教儀式, 如同植物代替祈禱人,吸收所有的負能量.

若站在“照顧”的立場來看,人類是站在自我的立場去看待植物的, 進而可以看到現今許多破壞環境問題衍生. 而另外一方面, 植物確實敏感的能反映了所處環境以及人的狀態,所以家中有時候植物一旦沒能被妥善照顧又或是吸收了所有的負面能量後就死去.




Since plants are taking on unwanted energy from us and potentially dying because of this, we feel the need to show our respect and appreciation for the plants by allowing them to go back into the natural garden cycle of death and rebirth in order to live a new life at a higher level of reincarnation.

The Shovel 鏟

A gentle lift with two hands to extract  the plants from its soil with respect.

The Carrier  床

To transport the plant back to the garden with care while allowing the extra soil to sift through the bottom, revealing the pure form of the plant.

The Brush 帚

To softly sweep the remains of the plant into the earth.

The mallet 槌

Guiding the ceremony with reverberating sound.

Creative direction:Dossofiorito
Graphic designer: Alexis Gallo
Product designer: Ainhoa Garmendia/ Jo chieh Huang
Photographer:Matteo Bellomo