Jochieh Huang (Jenny)
Product / Object / Experience & Space

La geografia serve a fare la guerra? 

Fondazione Benetton, Treviso

Is the purpose of geography to make war?
This is the question posed by the exhibition at Fondazione Benetton Studi Ricerche, curated by Massimo Rossi, held in the spazi Bomben of Treviso from Sunday November 6 2016 to Sunday February 19 2017, with inauguration on Saturday November 5 at 6:00 pm. The exhibition avails of the partnership of Fabrica, who curated the set-up and graphic design, and of the collaboration and patronage of the Regional government of Veneto – Council Department of Culture.

Through three closely linked layouts that remain in constant dialogue (Rocks and water, Human signs and War maps), maps, atlases and works of art speak of the great communicative and persuasive force of geographic maps.

Maps are a powerful means of non-verbal communication and the context of the celebrations of the Great War offers a valid pretext for investigating their ability to condition public opinion when they back the point of view of the Major Nations. This is why the layout of the exhibition focuses on the historical period between the end of the nineteenth century and the beginning of the twentieth century, but which actually spans from ancient times all the way to modern day, to tell the story of another possible geography and not necessarily based on military logics.

The set-up created by Fabrica is an experiential journey, on the discovery of the various geographical maps and the places that inspired them, through the creation of areas that urge visitors to follow them and interact with them. Elements with a linear and clean design, minimalist to focus solely on the works on display, combined with a graphic design that reinterprets the elements of traditional cartography in a modern style.
The entire design of the exhibition – set-up and communication – is combined with the spaces of Palazzo Bomben, rich in frescoes and history, in a dialogue of mutual accentuation.

“當人類開始製作地圖的目的是否為戰爭呢?” 由地理學家
Massimo Rossi.提出. 

班尼頓基金會 (專門收藏世界地圖以及地理文件的研究單位)與 Fabrica共同策展;展出影響北義大利地貌的三個主題: 石與水之間(Rocks and water/ 人文之間(Human signs)/ 戰爭與和平之間(War maps).

我們與策展人共同討出來主題並以裝置融合展覽展品, 希望能以劇場設計式(Scenography)語彙,以有別於傳統地理學術發表形式來與更多大眾溝通,提問,重新審視由自然/人文/戰爭與我們當今地理的關係.

Curators: Massimo Rossi

Creative Director: Sam Baron
Design consultant:Giorgia Zanellato/ Silvia mattias
Project manager: Marta Celso
Graphic/Identity designer: Silvia mattias
Exhibition designer:Angeles Ortiz/ Jo chieh Huang
Photographer:Marco zanin
Video artist:Laura sans

Press video to see the whole exhibition