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Product / Object / Experience & Space

A Life: Lawrence Ferlinghetti.
Beat Generation, Rebellion, Poetry 

Brescia museo Santa giulia

Fabrica has curated the exhibition design and the communication project of “A Life: Lawrence Ferlinghetti. Beat Generation, Rebellion, Poetry”, an exhibit (Brescia, Italy. Museum of Santa Giulia, from October 7, 2017 to January 14, 2018), highlighting the importance of the figure of Lawrence Ferlinghetti – American poet, painter, publisher and cultural agitator with Brescian origins – in the literary scene of the 1950s and 1960s, and in particular within the Beat Generationmovement.

The exhibition also highlights the importance that theBeat had in Italy, thanks in particular to the activity of Fernanda Pivano, so as to become a cultural, musical and popular phenomenon. The exhibition is therefore an opportunity to retrace history and recreate the atmosphere of those years through print materials (first editions, posters, leaflets and objects), video and audio recordings (from jazz to readings) and photographs (by authors of such as Robert Capa, Aldo Durazzi, Larry Keenan, Allen Ginsberg, Christopher Felver and Fred Lyon, along with the great pictures taken by Ettore Sottsass), many of them unpublished.

美國垮掉的一代(Beat generation)詩人及城市之光書店創辦人(Citly Lights bookstore)的勞倫斯·費林蓋蒂 (Lawrence Ferlinghetti) 是對於美國當代言論自由重要的人之一,而至今也還是以98歲高齡活躍於政治,文學以及藝術領域. 

與Brescia Museo 共同策展, 回顧他從四零年代至今的文件以及藝術文學創作. 除了線性的展示時代事件外,展中特別的內容有當時城市之光出版引發人們重新探討政府言論審查的艾倫·金斯堡(Allen Ginsburg)嚎囂(Howl) 不起訴慶祝的照片以及傑克·凱魯亞克(Jack Kerouac) 的原稿. 而展覽中, 也有大量 PIVANO Archive 提供當時曼非斯運動主設計師艾托利·索特薩斯(Ettore Sottsass)以影像紀錄當時各個詩人真實的生活面貌. 

我們以詩的載體-紙張與空間色彩計畫做呼應;以紙張的次要顏色以及不同的構成(composition)方式演繹時代特性;以及每個場域專屬的裝置以及當時的古董電子設備去呈現影像以及聲音內容; 希望以豐富的色彩以及有別於傳統博物館展演模式讓在義大利的年輕人有機會接觸到曾經在人類追求自由進程上具有重要意義社會運動.

展覽於2017年白晝之夜(Nuit Blanche)與全球串連開幕.

Political corner with performance reciting Ferlinghetti’s poem

Jazz and Reading corner (Vintage installation)

40s documentation of Ferlinghetti’s participation in war 

Friends area/ Pivano archive

Curators: Brescia museum

Creative Director: Sam Baron
Design consultant:Giorgia Zanellato/ Silvia mattias
Project manager: Monica Lanaro
Graphic/Identity designer: Chan wai hon
Exhibition designer: Jo chieh Huang
Photographer:Matteo Bellomo

Press video to see the whole exhibition