Jochieh Huang (Jenny)
Product / Object / Experience & Space

Command: find dream

From a dream with Äi Äi ILLUM LAB

It was a dream in the late spring night:
as I walked into the room, I found myself in an old loft surrounded by old furniture and plants, and little glasses of candles either lighted up or covered. While I was wondering around, I randomly took two candles to sniff. As I recall, the smell is something so subtle, that you don’t know how to describe precisely in our human experience; as I woke up, I tried to write down, finding a way to translate the scents in dream.

“Purple glow damp wood”
“the smell of pine needles on the milky taste.”


And with this intuitive incident in life, it lead me to a different adventure. With Taffi, scent designer/ founder of aiai illum lab, she design the scent out of the only remaining scent description; and with this scent ”Dreamer”, it completes the collection of “Awakened” and “Sleeper”.

the memory of the dream

With understanding the poetic process of translating scent to the other, we made an experience recreating the scene of the dream, and giving a clue of words within the capsule inviting visitors to find the scent as the words described.  

Invitation for guest
(a manifier and capsule with clue)

-#aiaidreamer to see more pictures of the event
-more about the scent/ purchase

我走進一個木製閣樓, 到處是老櫥櫃矮桌.
打開櫥櫃, 佈滿了各個蠟燭實驗瓶.
隨手拿起來聞, 氣味撲鼻;




當時展覽於Flux Réel Hair Boutique的 In/side/out 展演空間,

更多展覽影像 #aiaidreamer

Scent design/ curator/ studio director: Taffi Wei
Flower artist: Hao jhe liao