Jochieh Huang (Jenny)
Product / Object / Experience & Space


This series is conceptual objects experiment

the Uncertainty series present a status between future and the past,
it brings you curiosity and also desperation.

These objects present a status through our gesture and movement in hands.

Uncertainty 是一個實驗性的物件系列


Material: brass/ copper

Under the status
of waiting,  your time
is frozen. Maybe you’re blocked in a certain space and time; While you’re wearing this object in your hand, you’re framed by the metal; even if you trying to stretch, you’re still stuck in the status.

Length of Solitude/

Dealing with solitude is like a needdle tickling the empty space within your chest. While you’re wearing this object as a ring, you’ll feel the niddle lightly scratching your skin.

Before announcing as couple, the status between lovers is tricky; they can either move forward, or back to the friends. Applying thumb as male figure and point finger as feminine one, the niddle lies tendering between two finger, struggling of the beauty of love.

Design Director: Eva Eisler
Design Consultant:Eva Humlova